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At Large Nominee Terri Leisten CWDP
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Nominee Bio-
Terri, current Board member of NAWDP and CWDP, is passionate about serving workforce development professionals! She is the President of Dynamic Workforce Solutions and has committed her 25 year career to providing innovative tools and designing unique models for workforce professionals and customers alike. In May 2018, Terri received the Peter E. Kaiser Leadership Award in recognition of her leadership, capacity building and significant contribution to the field of workforce development.

What is your vision for the workforce development profession?
Can we broaden our capacity and move from being transactional to being transformative? Yes, we can! My vision for workforce development professionals is to build our own talent pipeline in anticipation of industry and community demands. We can achieve this by broadening our workforce network partnership, embracing technology, and running towards innovation. The time is now to truly define and build a new level of transformative service for all customers in the system.

Do you have a particular interest area or passion in workforce development?
Each day, I am passionate about the work we do to empower workforce development professionals around the globe. It is my professional calling and commitment to consistently seek new ways to fill "toolkits of resources" for team members who strive to be the best in the profession. I am passionate about growing leaders in the workforce development field, and am committed to evangelize the good work we do with others.

Why do you want to serve on the Board?
The NAWDP Board has much work to do in support of our membership. I am a hard working NAWDP Board Member who is committed to seeing strategic projects to completion. I maintain exceptional participation in attending Board and committee meetings, and am a significant contributor. I am a very active leader, and spend much of my time in operations, with partners, and with key decision makers in the field of workforce development. I believe I have much to offer the Board for a second term.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the profession today and how can NAWDP address that challenge?
Pace. Keeping pace. Making swift decision and moving to change. Being strategic and futuristic in the way we think, move and act. This can be accomplished by Board members who are open to new ways of looking at the workforce system, and those who embrace the future of our footprint across the country.


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