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NAWDP is committed to providing workforce development professionals with professional development opportunities that reflect industry demands and individual needs. All webinars are scheduled for one hour unless noted otherwise.

January 16th - 21-Leadership Tips for Elevating Staff Performance – Randy Gourk

@ 3:00 pm EST | $100 members/$125 non-members - Register Now

In today’s diverse work environment, knowing what drives exceptional team performance is critical to long term success. Then, to deliver optimal results, leaders are always searching for new tools to elevate their team’s performance. To achieve harmony, cohesiveness, productivity, accountability and all the other characteristics of great teams, leaders must have a full toolbox. In this webinar, we will provide you with some new tools to build and shape the team you desire. You will know how and when to use them, and you’ll feel confident your team will perform at an even higher level producing the expected results. Competencies 3, 5, 8, 9

January 28th - Targeting Our Youth: A Plan for Engaging K-12 Education Systems - Chanel Fort @ 3:00 pm EST | $100 members/$125 non-members - Register Now

With the evolution of the High School Movement that later forged the Vocational Training movement, currently known as Career & Technical Education (CTE), students are now learning concepts that are in touch with reality and that are relative to their career aspirations. But beyond the walls of the career development programs that are offered to students while in pursuit of a high school diploma, what activities will connect our nation’s school-age youth who are out-of-school so that both student groups find hope in the next level of mass and higher education and career access? Additionally, how do these activities aim to mitigate the high school dropout rate? Competencies for webinar: 3, 8, 9

Five Part Series: Empowering Career Seekers Through Coaching – Dynamic Works
@ 11:00 am EST | $500 members/$625 non-members Competencies for webinar: 2, 3, 4, 7

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Workshop #1: Create a Winning Strategy Feb 5, 11 am EST

Career Coaches are responsible for their customers just as winning
coaches are responsible for their team members. This session will focus on how to effectively strategize their plan of action with customers to start off on the right foot. Through the development of a “game plan” to effectively work with job seekers, Career Coaches will help their customers identify their talents and skills and assess their strengths. Tools and solutions to help Career Coaches encourage successful development of their customers will be discussed.

Workshop #2: Drafting Your Players Feb 12, 11 am EST

Now that Career Coaches have developed a winning strategy for working with customers, the next step to effectively coaching is to focus on building a strong rapport. Valuable coaches identify existing strengths and seek out hidden talents through various aspects of relationship building with customer. Included in the steps to building rapport are making first impressions count, setting the tone of the coaching relationship, further assessing strengths and coaching needs, and identifying roles and responsibilities.

Workshop #3: Training Camp Feb 19, 11 am EST

The best coaches understand the value in providing the appropriate resources and support to their players, just as the best Career Coaches do with their customers through individualized career services. This session will explore some proven techniques to empower customers through focused goals, establishing customized training plans and effectively measure performance. Tips for ensuring that successes are celebrated along the way will be shared and strategies for helping customers create stretch/ or long-term goals will be discussed.

Workshop #4: Game Day Feb 26, 11 am EST

In order for coaches to continue empowering their players to successfully reach their goals on the playing field, active positive reinforcement and consistent coaching is key. The same is true for the coaching that Career Coaches are tasked with. This session will share with Career Coaches how they can continue to reinforce reinforcing the customers’ game plan and strategy while effectively coaching through the chaos and background noise. Approaches for redirecting customers when the events and circumstances threaten a winning streak will shared with real world examples of how to help customers build their confidence when managing through challenges.

Workshop #5: Building a Dynasty Mar 4, 11 am EST

This session will focus on utilizing the concepts in the previous sessions and incorporate some new techniques to develop coaching best practices for helping customers excel with long-term success within the follow-up services timeframe and after workforce services cease. Tactics for helping customers with contingency planning to be proactively prepared for the unexpected will be reviewed. By focusing on helping customers set their sights higher, building on strengths and seeking opportunity for continuous improvement lasting achievement can be maintained. Coaching strategies for helping customers identify ways to continue to train during the off-season (when they obtain their initial employment opportunity within their career pathway) will be
shared. Directions for Final Exam will be communicated during this session as well. The overall goal of this learning experience is to give Career Coaches the means to be instrumental in how they go about the important role of coaching customers to be their best!

Three Part Series:Employer Connections, 3 Re-Entry Success Sales Strategies – Darrell " Coach D" Andrews @ 2:00 pm EST | $300 members/$375 non-members - Register Now

This 3 part webinar series is designed to provide Business Service Representatives and Re-Entry organizations with 3 sales based strategies to enhance re-entrant employment success rates. Despite the many barriers faced by re-entrants trying to find employment motivation, belief in the potential and preliminary research of potential employers needs by the business services representative or reentry specialist engaging the employer, has the potential to increase re-entry success.

Workshop #1: Selling Re-Entrants to Employers with Confidence Feb 6th, 2:00pm EST

Workshop #2: Benefits of Hiring People with Criminal Backgrounds Feb 11th, 2:00pm EST

Workshop #3: Re-Entrant Hired, Now What? Feb 20th, 2:00pm EST

February 18th Making the Transition from Managing to Leading – Randy Gourk
@ 2:00 pm EST | $100 members/$125 non-members - Register Now

Management isn't leadership and for many managers making the transition to leader isn't as easy as it appears. The competencies and practices that leaders must develop are different than the competencies and practices of a manager. This webinar will share the primary differences between management and leadership. Additionally, you will learn the steps required to cross the bridge from being a manager to becoming an exceptional leader. This webinar will also identify the most critical leadership core competencies required in today's new reality of constant change and uncertainty. The bottom line is workforce development needs more leaders and less managers. Competencies 3, 8

Check back often for new webinar opportunities!