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NAWDP is committed to providing workforce development professionals with professional development opportunities that reflect industry demands and individual needs. All webinars are scheduled for one hour unless noted otherwise.


Current E-Learning Opportunities

Presented by Roe Falcone
and Amy Correia

AcuMax Index (AI) is a simple, online assessment of self-reported traits that ranks an individual's work style on a continuum of four drives: ideas, communication, decision speed, and information. As an assessment tool, it is statically validated and EEOC compliant. Workshop participants will take the AcuMax, receive their customized results, and learn what factors impact them the most during the workday. For example, AcuMax will demonstrate whether individuals prefer to work alone or on a team and if they prefer multitasking or focusing on one task at a time. These factors just scratch the surface of what AI can reveal about a person's working style. AcuMax is relevant for both staff members and program participants. 

Participants will: 
  • Gain insight into how they make decisions and the environment that best facilitates their working style. 
  • Gain insight into their colleagues' working styles and be able to accommodate them in a way that promotes healthy communication and respectful relationships.
  • Understand that no style is "right" or "wrong" and learn to celebrate differences that can make a team stronger. They will also learn what jobs/careers are likely to make successful matches for their clients. 

Cost: $100 Members/$125 Non-members




Presented by: Dr. Christine Bosworth & Celina Shands

Whether a business-facing staff is just starting to work with employers or is a seasoned practitioner, this webinar strategically elevates the practice of business engagement using a demand-driven and market-responsive framework. Participants will learn how to articulate to employers the benefits of value-based business services by "showing" instead of "telling" how much a workforce development service, program, or activity would cost in the open market if it were for sale. Participants will also be provided with ROI formulas, including nine process steps to develop a monetized and value-based business services strategy as well as an excel spreadsheet already developed to guide the participant through each strategic step. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the concept of monetizing business services as a business engagement strategy. 
  • Include value-based benefits to increase the perceived value of business services provided to employers. 
  • Understand the difference between fee-based and value-based business services.
  • Understand the difference between price, cost, worth, and value to monetize business services.
  • Learn what "value calculation" means from the business perspective. 
  • Apply a return on investment (ROI) formula to value-based business services. 
  • Learn the four elements needed to calculate social return on investment (SROI).
  • Implement process steps to develop a monetized and value-based business services strategy for workforce development services, programs, or activities. 
  • Understand that "Value" is relative and differs from one business customer to the next. 
  • Learn how to share with confidence value-based business services to increase repeat customers and market penetration with new customers. 

Cost: $100 Members/$125 Non-members


Please check back regularly for new E-Learning courses.