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Region 9 Nominee Ceila Garcia
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Nominee Bio-
Twenty-five years, I’ve worked closely with employers, all sectors, to up-skill their workforce, creating curriculum, training, &bilingual facilitation. I’ve created, facilitated innovative development opportunities for job seekers at local job centers, faith-based CBO’s, local school districts, community colleges, while advocating for and serving English learners, older injured workers, youth, and parents through our family institutes, focused on moving low-wage workers to a career breakthrough.

What is your vision for the workforce development profession?
My vision and sincere hope continue to be that all communities, populations, job seekers and the workforce staff who serve them, be given the development opportunities they need to meet the challenging changes in today’s labor market. There exist many communities who are not keeping up, not skilling up and not remaining active, productive or financially solvent. We can do better! I see new approaches to preparing people for the gig economy and entrepreneurship because that's where we're headed!

Do you have a particular interest area or passion in workforce development?
Lot's changed recently, stemming from the way employers are shifting the way they do business, and precisely how they recruit and contract labor. The gig economy is here, and so few recognize or have strategies in place to prepare the workforce for this paradigm shift. There's not a sector today that is not experiencing disruption, and it's happening quickly. Understand our global business economy, and its demands are vital for survival and require an entrepreneurial mindset. Love business!

Why do you want to serve on the Board?
Workforce development is my life’s work and being this board for me continues to be a game changer. It’s where I believe a nationwide impact can happen. As California State Director, I’ve had the opportunity to impact the conversation, knowing that across the country our members need to be listened to, and provided tested strategies, tools, information, inspiration, and community for our noble profession to grow, gain momentum and continue to impact with purpose. That’s what I’m here for.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the profession today and how can NAWDP address that challenge?
I believe people everywhere now need to have new options, know how to sort through them, make wise choices, about who they work for, what they earn, how they move and navigate through sectors, telecommuting, online work, entrepreneurship, and now gigging. They need new ways to manage their time and finances easily and have online options that they can schedule, etc. Learning and learning environments are changing now just as much as online shopping. In the workforce, NAWDP is leading the way!