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CWDP Requirements
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Certification Requirements

Below is an overview of the requirements for attaining your CWDP certification. Note: You must meet EACH of the six requirements to be certified.

1.     A Combination of Education and Work Experience

Applicants must have a set number of months of full-time (at least 30 hours per week) work experience as a workforce development professional. The requirements for the number of months of full-time work are as follows:

Education Experience
Graduate Degree 12 months of full-time experience
Bachelor's Degree 24 months of full-time experience
Associate's Degree 48 months of full-time experience
High School Diploma or GED 72 months of full-time experience

Documentation of attained educational level must be submitted before the application will be considered complete. Copies of transcripts, diplomas, or letters from school officials (not instructors) on school letterhead are acceptable. 

2.     Recent Work Experience

In addition to the overall, full-time experience, applicants must have been working as a workforce development professional in 12 out of the last 24 months before applying. If the full-time work experience documented for the combined education and work experience requirements covers 12 out of the last 24 months, this requirement is met. If not, applicants can use part-time work to meet the recent work experience requirement.

3.     Competency in Nine Areas

Applicants must demonstrate,by self attestation, having received education and training in nine competency areas OR complete one of these approved training courses. 

Click here to see the full description of CWDP Competencies.

4.     References

Applicants must provide references who attest to the applicant’s skills in the nine competency areas, as well as to the ethical behavior of the applicant. At least one reference must be a supervisor. If the applicant has no immediate supervisor, a board member or a customer should complete one of the reference forms.

5.     Professional Affiliation with a Workforce Association

If the applicant is not a member of NAWDP they must be an individual member (as opposed to an organizational member) of a workforce development professional association whose purpose is the skills development of its members.

6.     Adherence to a Code of Professional Ethics

Applicants must sign and date a statement attesting that they agree to adhere to the NAWDP Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.