May 22, 2017 

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (concurrent) 

The Revolutionary New Captain and Coach Approach to Case Management

Fee: Free             

Facilitated by: Larry Robbin, Executive Director, Robbin & Associates, Oakland, CA

What happens in case management has become a routine that does not work well with the severe and multiple barriers to employment that we face today. We need a new approach that profoundly transforms the dynamic between the staff person and the client into a much more powerful change oriented relationship with new strategies to help people make progress. 

In this revolutionary new version of case management, the client becomes the captain of their progress team and the staff person is in the role of coach. The coach helps the captain assemble a group of pro-work people that will provide a powerful system of supportive individuals to help the captain make employment progress faster and with fewer setbacks. There are already groups of people that have influence over you client. The problem is that many of them are anti-work and negative influences. 

The coach proves support, options and guidance to the captain and team while the process transforms the captain into a catalyst of change. The captain and coach approach creates a new kind of team that can fight off the influence of the internal and external anti-work forces. The team continues to provide support for the long term in a wraparound model. The process of becoming a captain empowers the client, raises self-esteem and builds soft skills. 

This session will show managers and staff to how reinvent case management for today’s realities. The entire pathway to employment, barrier removal and retention work will be faster and stronger than when you implement the captain and coach approach to case management in your work.


Data Driven Workforce Development: How LMI Can Guide Investment and Strategy

Fee: Free     FULL - Registration Closed

Facilitated by: Greg Wilson, Fiscal Analyst, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act sets the standard for data-driven investments and strategies in workforce development. The volume and complexity of labor market data can be overwhelming for workforce development professions. 

The session will provide an overview of labor market data, provide a hands-on demonstration for accessing, downloading, and analyzing labor market data, and how to turn information into action. The interactive session will prepare workforce professionals to use data in all aspects of their work. This will be a bring-your-own-technology course where participants can use their own laptops and tables to follow along during the course.

The session will prepare workforce development professionals to answer questions such as:

  • What kind of jobs in my region require less than a bachelor’s degree?
  • What are the hardest jobs to fill?
  • What is the labor shed for my region? 
  • Where do the workers in my region live? 
  • How have wages and employment changed in major industries?                

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