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The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) is launching the “5,000 New Members in 5 years” campaign on November 1, 2015. NAWDP has been thankful to have members that are passionate, committed, and full of zeal in their support. 

All NAWDP members are encouraged to participate in this grassroots campaign by sharing their individual NAWDP experiences with their colleagues, leadership, and partners. The positive impact that NAWDP programs and conferences have had on the workforce development profession should not be a secret. Increased participation will lead to even more opportunities for NAWDP members to foster professional growth, expand networking opportunities, and drive change.

The benefits of NAWDP are well worth sharing with others:

  • Events like the NAWDP Annual Conference and the NAWDP Youth Development Symposium provide NAWDP members with an opportunity to network, present and share information, and learn about best practices.
  • NAWDP’s training and e-learning initiatives help member’s personal and professional growth by expanding their knowledge, skills, and overall proficiency.
  • The CWDP provides awareness and understanding of our core competencies to ensure that we can provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers.

The process is as easy as A, B, C! Appeal to partners, Build relationships, and Connect to membership. We have put together a toolkit to help you help us to achieve this goal. The kit includes: a special NAWDP application; user-friendly letter templates that can be sent to colleagues/partners; a listing of NAWDP’s membership benefits/value proposition; and a flyer.

The 5 in 5 campaign includes a multi-tiered incentive program so please be sure that your referrals includes your name on their applications:

Each One - Reach One: We are asking each of you to reach out and recruit at least ONE new member. Our membership will double and you will earn a special appreciation gift.

The High Five Club: Can you recruit five or more members and become a part of the “High Five Club” and be recognized at the annual conference? We will also be awarding free 2017 annual conference registration for the highest recruiter during the NAWDP Annual Conference in Orlando and free memberships for the top 3 recruiters.

Get Started Today!

  • DOWNLOAD Five in 5 Toolkit with helpful hints to get you started on winning!
  • DOWNLOAD Five in 5 Application, which is the ONLY application that can be used in this contest
  • DOWNLOAD Five in 5 Flyer to help with your promotional efforts!

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