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Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) Credential

Benefits of the CWDP

  • An independent evaluation of your competencies
  • A nationally-recognized and portable credential
  • Much deserved recognition of your role as a professional

Nearly eight in 10 -- 79 percent -- of those making hiring, promotion, salary, or bonus decisions indicated that when making such decisions, they place a value on the skills of individuals who have earned the CWDP. 

What does the CWDP measure?

The CWDP evaluates your knowledge in nine different competency areas. The competencies were identified through technically sound research by identifying the work requirements and validated by professionals across the nation in a variety of workforce settings. REVIEW the CWDP Competencies.

Who should apply?

Anyone who works in workforce development and supports the efforts of job seekers or local employers. This includes professionals who work at local workforce organizations, job corps centers, staffing agencies, community colleges, offender re-entry programs, veteran services organizations, and private career counselors.

How do I apply for the CWDP?

  • Complete the CWDP Self Assessment: The self assessment is just that -- a tool for you to self assess your experience and how it aligns with the CWDP credential criteria. It is designed to help you understand what skills you might want to brush up on prior to pursuing the credential.

You can register HERE FOR THE NEXT LIVE WEBINAR: December 12, 2017, 2:00 pm Eastern. The webinar provides hints and practical advice for completing your CWDP application. Individuals who participate in the webinar have a higher success rate with their application than those who do not participate.

Request an application via: certification@nawdp.orgPlease complete Step 1 and Step 2 before requesting an application. PLEASE NOTE, the dedicated contact for CWDP questions can be reached at:


You may submit your application at any time. 

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis with the following deadlines: January 31; April 30; July 31; and October 31NOTE: If the deadline falls on a weekend, applications must be received by the Friday prior to deadline.

Already Earned Your CWDP?

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If you need to apply for a Recertification, click HERE.  

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Hear from those who have earned the CWDP credential by watching this video:

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