NAWDP's 2014-2015 New & Emerging Professionals

Ten outstanding young leaders joined NAWDP in an effort to build the next generation of workforce leaders in NAWDP's inaugural New & Emerging Professionals (NEP) Initiative.  The task was big...the time was small...and yet these outstanding professionals rose the occasion and provide new insights, expertise and ideas.

NAWDP would like to thank the NEP cadre and their employers for their efforts to support the work of NAWDP.  We are pleased to provide you with access to the presentation of their capstone projects. 

August 12, 2015 NEP Capstone Project Presentations featuring 

  • Kevin Hillman, Resource Coordinator, Homeless Initiative Program, Indianapolis, IN:  Foundations Required to Training Youth and Ex-Offenders
  • Jessie Rockhill, Employment Coach, Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Indianapolis, IN:  Attracting Unrestricted Funding Sources
  • Dominique Goode, Quality Assurance Team Leader, KRA Corporation, Virginia Beach, VA:  Learning Management Systems


August 13, 2015 NEP Capstone Project Presentations featuring 

  • Dana Barton, Business Relations & Emp. Dev. Director, Pikes Peak Workforce Center, Colorado Springs, CO:  Importance of Middle Skilled Jobs
  • Karen Cirincione, Unit Supervisor, KRA Corp, Hartford, CT:  Career Pathways for Workforce Development Professionals
  • Dave Meadows, One Stop Career Center Supervisor, City of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ:  NAWDP's YouTube Channel


 August 14, 2015 NEP Capstone Project Presentations featuring 

  • Jermaine Hampton, Director AimHire, Friendship Place, Washington, DC:  Integrating Employment and Housing to Support Homeless or those At-Risk of Being Homeless
  • Diana Saldivar, Social Media Coordinator, San Diego Metro Region Career Center, San Diego, CA:  Using Streaming Video to Enhance Professional Development
  • Maxine Suka, Program Manager, KRA Corporation, San Diego, CA:  Advocacy and Innovative Technology in Workforce Development


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